Donkey Stocks App

Increase the profit, reduce the loss

With the Donkey Stocks App you can calculate the expectation of the stock market.

You can calculate the expected profit growth behind a stock price and you can identify whether a stock is worth its money.

And even more important: You can find undervalued stocks – fast and straightforward. You know immediately why a stock price is changing and you can react appropriately.

The functions of the iPhone App Donkey Stocks:

  • insert the earnings per share (EPS) for your favorite stocks
  • calculate future EPS with the growth rate
  • calculate the future stock price for your favorite stocks
  • see the influence of the growth rate on the stock sprice
  • see the influence of the interest rate on the stock price
  • see the expected growth rate of the stock market
  • examples from Apple to Volkswagen are given

Your advantages with the iPhone Appp Donkey Stocks:

  • increase your profit by finding undervalued stocks
  • increase your profit by choosing the best time
  • reduce your loss by avoiding the wrong stocks
  • reduce your loss by beeing ahead of the stock market
  • understand the behavior of the stock market

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